Is Epoxy Resin Durable For Countertops?

Whether you’re a homeowner planning a DIY kitchen upgrade or a contractor looking for a reliable material, Industrial Clear is designed for ease of use and provides a long lasting result won’t break the bank. 


Epoxy resin countertop surfaces are popular due to their strength and durability. Industrial Clear epoxy resin is non-porous, moisture and scratch resistant, and delivers a smooth, glossy finish that’s easy to maintain. It’s a versatile material that can be used as a clear coat or to replicate the luxurious look of stone or marble at a fraction of the cost.

Industrial Clear delivers a hard, glossy finish that resists yellowing and scratches in high-traffic areas such as concrete floors and countertops. 


Is Industrial Clear durable for countertop kitchens?

Yes, Industrial Clear is a smart choice for epoxy resin countertops. It has a hard-curing, high-adhesion formula that offers excellent resistance to moisture, scratches, staining, and yellowing. It can be easily poured over existing countertops made of tile, laminate, formica, wood, metal or concrete to provide a fresh, long lasting upgrade. Even better, Industrial Clear contains no harmful solvents or VOCs and is safe for food contact once cured.

Are epoxy resin kits for countertops heat resistant?

Industrial Clear, once fully cured, can withstand temperatures of up to 350F (176C). However, it’s important to remember that exposure to very hot objects, such as a dish fresh from the oven, hot pans, or boiling water can leave an impression on a cured resin countertop. For best results, allow the resin to cure for a full 48 hours before putting your finished project into use.

What is the cure time for epoxy countertop kits?

Industrial Clear will be dry to the touch at the 24-hour mark and will reach a full, rock-hard cure in 48 hours. Epoxy resin’s cure times are sensitive to temperature. If you’re working in a cooler environment, the curing process will take longer, whereas warmer temperatures promote a faster cure. If the resin is flexible rather than fully cured, this could indicate that it simply requires more time or a warmer environment. Once fully cured, you can use your brand new epoxy countertop with confidence.

Are epoxy countertop kits waterproof?

Industrial Resin countertops cure to a hard, non-porous finish with excellent water resistance for long-lasting protection. Its durability is why epoxy resin has long been used for swimming pools and to coat the underside of boats. Additionally, Industrial Clear’s durable finish can withstand oils, gasoline, bleach, and most cleaners and chemicals.

Are epoxy countertops scratch resistant?

With a Shore D rating of 83, Industrial Clear cures into a rock-hard coating resistant to the damage caused by typical, everyday use. However, it’s important to note that, like many other surfaces, an epoxy resin countertop may get scratched if exposed to sharp objects. To ensure optimal protection, allow the resin to cure for a full 48 hours before putting it into use. If the resin surface does get scratched, the good news is that it’s a simple fix. Simply sand the surface down and pour a fresh coat of Industrial Clear on top.

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