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What is industrial epoxy resin used for?

Industrial Clear epoxy resin is a hard curing epoxy resin that can be used for woodworking projects, boat building, and as a coating on counters, concrete floors, tables, and bar tops. Its outstanding chemical resistance, strength, and durability also make Industrial Clear an excellent choice for manufacturing and industrial applications.

How is clear epoxy resin applied?

Industrial Clear epoxy resin can be applied by a variety of methods, depending on the intended use. A thin, seal coat can be applied using a brush, a roller or gloved hands. A flood coat is typically poured onto a surface and spread into place with a plastic spreading tool. A syringe works well to inject Industrial Clear into a small cavity or a mold. We do not recommend applying epoxy resin with a sprayer or an air gun.

What is the curing time and temperature for clear epoxy resin?

After 24 hours, Industrial Clear is dry to the touch; after a 7 day full cure, it is rock hard. Epoxy resin is temperature sensitive and will take longer to cure in cool temperatures.  The ideal curing temperature for Industrial Clear is is 70°-80°F (21°-27°C) maintained for the first 24 hours. If the resin is still sticky after 24 hours, try moving it to a warmer environment. If it remains sticky after 24 hours in warmer temperatures, it will not cure any further and additional measures need to be taken. 

How strong and durable is Industrial Clear?

Industrial Clear has a tensile strength of 7100 psi (ASTM D638).  It is a strong, durable epoxy resin that will not bend once fully cured and has a bit of flexibility built in to prevent it from cracking.

How long does Industrial Clear last?

Industrial Clear is a strong, durable epoxy resin that cures to a glossy, chemical-resistant finish. With proper care and maintenance, it will last several years to decades. Many factors determine its longevity, including where the project is kept and the amount of wear and tear it is exposed to. For long-lasting results, allow Industrial Clear to cure for a full seven days before putting your project to use. Do not expose Industrial Clear to temperatures beyond 350F (176C). Industrial Clear is formulated with UV inhibitors to slow down the damaging effects of the sun, but for best results, avoid long-term sun exposure. Sharp objects that can scratch glass can scratch epoxy resin: the good news is that a scratched surface can easily be refinished with a fresh resin coat.

In what applications can I use Industrial Clear?

Industrial Clear can be used on various applications, such as, boat repairs, wood projects, countertops, table tops and more.

Does Industrial Clear contain any VOCs?

No, our epoxy resin product does not contain VOCs and releases no fumes. It is a complete system made from 100% solid materials that react with each other, leaving nothing behind that can become airborne and breathed in. It has a slight smell, but since it does not contain solvents or diluents, it does not have the noxious odor typical of most other industrial epoxy resins.

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