Can You Use Epoxy Resin Indoors & Outdoors?

Can bar top epoxy resin be used indoors and outdoors?

Industrial Clear epoxy resin can be used indoors and outdoors to coat bar tops, table tops and river tables and other applications. It can withstand both hot summer days and cold winter temperatures without cracking. Any project that will be exposed to the outdoor elements will benefit from a coating of Industrial Clear. 

epoxy resin coated bar top

bar top epoxy resin waterproof?

Industrial Clear epoxy resin is an ideal material for outdoor use because, once cured, it is waterproof, durable and impervious to rain and snow. Its waterproof properties are why epoxy resin has long been used for swimming pools, in the marine industry to coat the underside of boats and in the aviation industry. In addition to being waterproof, Industrial Clear epoxy resin can also withstand oils, gasoline, bleach, cleaners and chemicals. It has great strength and adhesion, providing a hard finish that bonds well to most materials.

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Will Industrial Clear 
epoxy resin fade in the sun?

Industrial Clear contains UV resistant additives to slow down the damaging effects of the sun. The UV additives absorb the sun's UV rays instead of allowing for a chemical reaction (i.e. yellowing). 

Can bar top epoxy resin be used on wood?

Yes, Industrial Clear epoxy resin is an ideaI coating for wood. It creates a strong, waterproof seal that enhances wood and is easy to clean. Once cured, epoxy resin is fully machinable and can be sanded, drilled, run through a saw or a lathe.

How do you prepare wood for epoxy resin?

Make sure wood is totally dry before coating with epoxy resin, especially if you're planning to have it outside. If moisture is left in the wood, outdoor temperature changes can cause it to expand and contract so much, it can even cause a resin like Industrial Clear to give way and crack. Luckily, resin cracks can be easily filled and re-coated with more resin.

epoxy for wood

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