Is Epoxy Resin Safe?

Industrial Clear was formulated to meet 3 main criteria:

1) Long-Term Clarity

2) Hard Cure


No Solvents, No Fumes, Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic Epoxy Resin

To expand:

1) Long Term Clarity - Industrial Clear is stays that was for the long term!

2) Hard Cure - Industrial Clear will be non-sticky to the touch in about 8 hours.  In 3-7 days it will be at its final hardness, which is measured as SHORE-D 83 - super hard but not brittle.  The slow cure is for a reason - the slower the cure, the better the cemical bond, the better the long term clarity and hardness!

3) SAFETY! - This feature was a no-compromise goal. 

Just like ArtResin, Industrial Clear is made with no solvents, meaning there are no fumes or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  This also means that there is little to no smell :)

In order to take our product to market, our label had to be reviewed and approved by a toxicologist.  The information on the label is accurate.  There are no corrosive warning icons or skull and crossbones.

Once cured, industrial clear is food-safe.  No chemicals will migrate into food that comes into contact with it!

We hope you feel really safe using Industrial Clear.


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