Epoxy Resin Hardness

Do you know the hardness rating of your epoxy resin?

The hardness rating, or Shore Rating, can help to determine whether a particular epoxy resin is suitable for your project. If you intend to coat countertops, tables and bar tops, you’ll need a hard-curing epoxy resin with a high Shore Rating to do the job properly.

hardness of epoxy resin

This is exactly what Industrial Clear epoxy resin was designed to do: when prepared according to the label instructions, Industrial Clear cures into a rock hard, durable coating that lasts for years and resists the scratches and damage that can occur in high traffic areas.

testing hardness of epoxy with hummer

How is the hardness of a material measured?

Hardness is measured with a durometer: a device featuring a pointed metal indentor with spring resistance. A durometer works by pressing the spring-loaded steel tip into a surface to measure how resistant the material is, based on the depth of the indentation and the force required to create it.

measuring epoxy's hardness with durometer

What is the Shore Hardness Scale?

The Shore Hardness Scale, created by Albert Shore in 1920, quantifies hardness from 0 (the softest and most flexible) to 100 (the hardest and most brittle) for various materials. Resins are measured on the Shore D scale for rigid materials (as opposed to Shore A, Shore B, etc, which are used for other types of materials).  

shore hardness scale

What is the Shore Hardness rating of Industrial Clear?

Once fully cured, Industrial Clear has a Shore D rating of 83, meaning it is very firm and durable, but not brittle. Industrial Clear was intentionally formulated as an ideal choice for countertops, tables, bar tops and other applications that need to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. It’s important to note that epoxy resins harden up over time, so while Industrial Clear feels hard to the touch after 24 hours, it reaches its absolute full cure at 7 days.

industrial clear shore hardness rating
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