Can Epoxy Resin Be Used Outdoors?

Can epoxy be used outdoors?

Yes, Industrial Clear epoxy resin can be used outdoors for many applications, including sealing and protecting bar and table tops, for boat repair, and to protect against metal corrosion. Industrial Clear can withstand hot summer days and cold winter temperatures without cracking. Any project that will be exposed to the outdoor elements will benefit from a coating of Industrial Clear. 

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Industrial Clear epoxy resin is an ideal material for outdoor use because, once cured, it is waterproof, durable and impervious to rain and snow. Its waterproof properties are why epoxy resin has long been used for swimming pools, in the aviation industry, and in the marine industry to coat the underside of boats. In addition to being waterproof, Industrial Clear epoxy resin offers great chemical resistance and can withstand oils, gasoline, bleach, alcohol and most cleaners. It has great strength and adhesion, providing a hard finish that bonds well to most materials.

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Is epoxy resin weather resistant?

Yes, once cured, Industrial Clear epoxy resin is weather resistant. Outdoor epoxy projects are exposed to diverse, and sometimes extreme, weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow, heavy winds, sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures.  Industrial Clear cures to a rock-hard finish with high-impact resistance and can withstand this type of inclement weather very well. 

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Will Industrial Clear epoxy resin fade in the sun?

Industrial Clear contains UV resistant additives to slow down the damaging effects of the sun. They work by absorbing the sun's UV rays instead of allowing for a chemical reaction (i.e. yellowing). 


Will Industrial Clear epoxy resin last outside in the sun?

UV is very strong and in time, can affect most materials, including epoxy resin.  Over time, UV light can turn most epoxy resins yellow and can even cause it to become brittle and lose its glossy look. Luckily, high-quality epoxy resins, such as Industrial Clear, contain UV inhibitors making it much less prone to this type of UV induced damage. 

How long does epoxy resin last outside?

Industrial Clear cures with a water resistant, rock hard finish that can endure the elements outdoors very well.  However, to help prolong the life and appearance of your outdoor epoxy resin project, try keeping it out of direct sunlight.  Yellowing caused by UV light exposure induced generally isn't noticeable over wood, but if you're concerned, you can add colorant to the epoxy so that any color changes are less visible.  Last, use a high-quality epoxy resin that contains UV light stabilizers, like Industrial Clear, to help mitigate the sun's damaging effects.

Is it safe to use epoxy resin outdoors?

Yes, it's safe to use epoxy resin outside, however this doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good idea.  Epoxy resin performs best in a warm, dry, and stable environment for the first 24 hours. While you may be able to catch Mother Nature on a good day and avoid rain or humidity while you pour, temperatures typically drop at night and this temperature fluctuation could result in dimples and other surface imperfections in your resin coat. 

Wet, curing resin also needs protection from surface contaminants. Indoors this could be dust or pet hair, and outdoors you may have to deal with insects, leaves, dirt, and other materials carried by the wind that could land right in your wet resin.  If you do apply resin outdoors, ensure you're working in a sheltered area and that your piece is covered while for the first 24 hours until it's dry to the touch.

All in all, you'll get the best results from working in an environment where the temperature and humidity levels are controlled and stable for the first 24 hours.


Is it safe to use epoxy resin indoors?

If you're using a non-toxic and low-odor epoxy resin like Industrial Clear, then yes, you can use it safely indoors. Industrial Clear doesn’t contain solvents or diluents, so it doesn’t have the strong, noxious odor common with most other epoxy resins. It's made from 100% solids that fully react, leaving nothing behind in the formula that can be released into the air as fumes or VOCs. When working in a well-ventilated area, only gloves are required when working with Industrial Clear.

However, not all epoxy resins are made equally. It's important to buy epoxy resin from a trustworthy brand you trust.  You should also check the label directions and the Safety Data Sheet to familiarize yourself with the formula you're using, as well as the personal protective equipment needed to work with it.


Can bar top epoxy resin be used on wood?

Yes, Industrial Clear epoxy resin is an ideaI coating for wood. It creates a strong, waterproof seal that enhances wood and is easy to clean. Once cured, epoxy resin is fully machinable and can be sanded, drilled, run through a saw or a lathe.


How do you prepare wood for epoxy resin?

Make sure wood is totally dry before coating with epoxy resin, especially if you're planning to have it outside. If moisture is left in the wood, outdoor temperature changes can cause it to expand and contract so much, it can even cause a resin like Industrial Clear to give way and crack. Luckily, resin cracks can be easily filled and re-coated with more resin.

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