Is Epoxy Resin Food Safe?

Is epoxy resin food safe?

Yes, Industrial Clear epoxy resin can be safely used as a food contact surface. Once fully cured, Industrial Clear is inert and does not leach anything into the food or liquid it comes into contact with. 

This means that you can use Industrial Clear on plates, charcuterie boards, serving trays, bar-tops, counters or anything that is intended for serving food. Go ahead and resin with complete confidence!

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It's important to note that measuring accurately, mixing completely and allowing the product to fully cure is essential for its food safety.
If the epoxy resin has not been prepared or cured properly, its food safety cannot be guaranteed, so it's critical to follow the label instructions closely. 

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Does Industrial Clear epoxy resin contain BPA?

The main area of concern when it comes to plastics and food safety is BPA. We are happy to report that Industrial Clear epoxy resin is BPA free.

pouring epoxy in a charcuterie board

Are all epoxy resins food safe?

Unfortunately, many other epoxy resins can have negative effects on your health and should not be used on kitchen wares. Industrial Clear epoxy resin has been tested according to food safety standards and passed. There are no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) put into the product, so none can emit after curing.

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